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Body Trattaments

Body treatments are always available for hotel guests - by appointment. Rates per person.

Relaxing Massage

Full body massage with heated sesame oil. From the tip of the toes to the head it offers you to rehabilitate the holistic balance and relieves from stress. Duration 50 minutes € 70,00

Back-cervical massage

Long massage on the upper part of the body.Duration 30 minutes € 50,00

Drainage Massage

A specific massage to remove water retention in the body through the manual drainage performed on the entire body. It is slow and light and leaves a feeling of relief in areas heavy with accumulations of fluid. Duration 40 minutes. € 60,00

Remodelling Massage

It 'a massage that acts on subcutaneous adipose tissue and muscle fibers, producing a tonic effect. With the manual specifies the treatment is supported by the use of essential oils suited to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation and tissue metabolism to reactivate. Duration 40 minutes € 60,00

The duration of the treatments described above can be extended in accordance with the operator and subject to availability by paying a price difference.


The treatments described above are addressed exclusively to the recovery and maintenance of physical and mental wellness beyond the contents of the person to provide treatment or diagnosis that remain the exclusive responsibility of the doctor.

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